What is the function and use method of scouring pad?


What is the function and usage of cleaning cloth?

(1) Store a large amount of cleaning and maintenance agents through dense voids;

(2) Friction of dirt on the surface of building decorative materials by fibers with certain toughness.

The main object of cleaning and maintenance of cleaning cloth is the hard surface of sanitary ceramics, glass and other building decorative materials.

It should be noted that the hardness of the fibers must be lower than that of the surface of the cleaned building decorative materials, otherwise the surface of the building decorative materials will be damaged.

The general sizes of cleaning cloth are either 30 cm x 20 cm x 1 cm. There are many uses of the first specification, and there are many colors to choose from. When using various cleaning and maintenance agents, each cleaning and maintenance agent should be equipped with a solvent-impregnated cleaning cloth. The method is that the cleaning cloth is immersed in diluted cleaning and maintenance agent solution to make its voids full of solution, and then the handheld cleaning cloth is used to gently compact, so that the content of solution in the voids of the cleaning cloth reaches the desired drop-free state. Purple cloth soaked with different cleaning and maintenance agents can be distinguished by different colors.

The usage methods of the cleaning cloth are as follows:

(1) Clean up large areas of dirt, can use the palm to press the whole piece of cleaning cloth, back and forth push and pull wipe;

(2) Remove stubborn dirt and use finger against the local wiping of the cleaning cloth to increase the wiping force of the cleaning cloth;

(3) For dirt in small pits and dirt in corners, the cleaning cloth can be folded to form a cone and wiped deep into the dirt with its cone tip.

(4) The cleaning cloth should be wiped at the same time and immersed in the solution of cleaning and maintenance agent to absorb the cleaning agent.

(5) The use of cleaning cloth should not exert too much force, in order to avoid losing elasticity of the elastic fibers of cleaning cloth, but also easy to damage the surface of building decorative materials that are cleaned and maintained;

After using the cleaning cloth, it should be rinsed clean, not twisted and dried naturally. This method can maintain the elasticity of the cleaning cloth fibers and the dense voids of the cleaning cloth.

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