Scouring Pad exerts great effect


Does the household cleaning cloth only wash the dishes? NO NO NO! Its function is not only to wash dishes, but also has many other wonderful uses. Today, I want to share with you the other wonderful uses of Baijiebu. Let's learn them quickly.

Clean electric fan net cover

We all know that the mesh cover of electric fans is difficult to clean, especially the gap between the mesh cover is easy to accumulate dust. At this time, only a piece of cleaning cloth can easily clean up these dust.

Just use a piece of cleaning cloth to cut him horizontally and vertically. Be careful not to cut him off.

Cut it like mango meat, wet the sponge, and then you can start scrubbing. Every net bar dead corner is not let go. Make sure your fan is clean and as new as you bought it! 

Clean water pipe

The pipes in the courtyard will grow moss after a long time. Just tear off a layer of sponge and roll it into a cylinder. Squeeze into one end of the pipe and connect to the tap.

Turn on the water and use the momentum of the water to wash out the sponge and the dirty things in the pipe so that the pipe can be cleaned up.

Hair removal

Woollen sweaters and knitted sweaters are always dyed with wool floss, let alone a pet at home. What can we do about it?

Take a piece of cleaning cloth and wipe it repeatedly with the back.

Soon, the wool will stick to the cleaning cloth and the clothes will become clean!

Refrigerators remove odors. Refrigerators filled with all kinds of food always give off bad smells.

Just sprinkle a layer of baking soda on the cleaning cloth.

So put it in the refrigerator, no longer afraid of the smell of the refrigerator!

Clean up makeup brushes

If the brush is not clean, it will not only make up dirty, but also bring a series of skin problems.

Next time you use the makeup brush and sweep it on the cleaning cloth, you can easily remove the residual powder.

No greasy soap

Freshly used soap is always wet and sticky, and it will accelerate its softening and rotting if placed in a wet soap box. Next time you run out of soap, put it on a cleaning cloth and absorb water easily, and it will never be sticky again.

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