What are the advantages of sponge cloth?


Industrial cleaning cloth belongs to non-woven abrasive products. With special fibers as the base material and grinding ore sand, it has a unique open network three-dimensional structure.

The characteristics of industrial cleaning cloth are as follows:

1. Elastic grinding of industrial cleaning cloth can effectively prevent excessive cutting and scratching of workpiece surface.

2. Cold cutting, the unique structure can effectively heat the workpiece to avoid discoloration and distortion caused by overheating in the process of processing.

3. Industrial cleaning cloth is anti-clogging, water and oil resistant.

4. Self-sharpening grinding, continuous loss of fibers in the grinding process, the formation of new grinding mineral sand, to provide consistent processing quality for the workpiece;

At present, industrial cleaning cloth is mainly used in the coating treatment of metal, wood and other materials, cleaning, polishing, rust removal, deburring and other mechanical maintenance and cleaning, high-quality appearance decoration line processing operations. Sponge cleaning cloth has good water absorption.

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