Scouring Pad can't be bought? What kind of goods do you want to buy?


Traditional Natural Luffa Noodle

Advantages: Purple cleaning cloth made of natural luffa, non-toxic and tasteless, suitable for cleaning utensils of various materials.

Disadvantages: With natural structural voids, it is easy to grow mould and wear out after absorbing stains. It needs to be replaced frequently. It is suggested that it should be eliminated in 2 months. It is suggested that it should be dried as soon as possible after use, air-dried or air-dried.

One-sided cleaning cloth

Advantages: Compared with cheap, thin and common cleaning cloth, it contains more diamond and has good cleaning effect.

Disadvantage: It is not recommended to use on scratched bowl and dish porcelain, especially after scratching, bacteria are easy to breed, and it is not beautiful. It can be used in cleaning pots and pans. Long-term use is easy to deform.

Double-sided sponge cleaning cloth

Advantages: One side is yellow and the other side is green, which is the most common type of cleaning cloth. Good water absorption, easy foaming, good scrubbing, can clean dirt difficult to scrape.

Disadvantages: Sponge surface is easy to absorb stubborn oil stains and not clean; green surface is rough, and is not recommended for scratching items, such as non-sticking pots, glasses, etc.

Wood pulp sponge cleaning cloth

Advantages: The thin sponge made of wood pulp has strong water absorption and soft texture. It can penetrate into dirty dead corners and is suitable for bowls without heavy oil pollution.

Disadvantage: Due to strong water absorption, attention should be paid to the problem of mildew breeding. It is suggested that the water should be twisted immediately after use, and avoid sunshine or long-term use, otherwise it is easy to crisp or deform Baijie cloth.

Steel ball

Advantages: Easy to remove serious dirt and old rust dirt, open mesh design, less easy to stick dirt.

Disadvantages: raw materials are mostly iron scraps from factories, which may contain some heavy metals such as nickel and lead. It is recommended to brush the outer layer of pots and pans without fear of scratching, and to use as little as possible in exquisite articles. Careful inspection should also be made after use, and no steel wire remains at the end of the pot.

Baijie cloth is mostly very cheap, there will be a package of many promotional clothes, colorful, very bright. But we can't completely distinguish the good from the bad of cleaning cloth by packing.~

Share 2 Tips for picking up the cleanser cloth. Even with a bag, it can be safely screened.

1. Choose light and elegant colors: Dyes may contain heavy metals such as chromium and lead, or even high carcinogenic chemicals. Therefore, various colors and patterns of cleaning cloth should pay attention to whether they are labeled as qualified dyes. It is suggested that they should not be attracted by gorgeous colors, the simpler the better.

2. Bag rubbing: can rub two pieces of cleaning cloth against each other, easy to chip, shave cleaning cloth is not recommended to buy, because if the use of cleaning cloth particles in the process of peeling off, adhere to the dishes washed, it is likely to eat carelessly.

Although the cleaning cloth is small, it does great harm. We must choose it carefully. We should not bring harm to the health of the whole family because of a rash decision.

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