Introduction to the Use Method and Function of Scouring Pad


Usage of cleaning cloth

1. Bajie cloth is immersed in the cleaning solution to make its voids full of solution, and then gently tighten it by hand, so that the solution in the voids of Bajie cloth reaches the state of dripping without dropping.

2. Clean up a large area of dirt, hold the whole piece of cleaning cloth with the palm, push and pull back and forth to wipe.

3. Clean the local stubborn dirt and hold it with your finger to increase the wiping force.

4. For dirt in small pits and dirt in corners, fold the cleaning cloth to form a cone and wipe the dirt deeply with its sharp cone.

5. The cleaning cloth should be wiped at the same time and soaked in the cleaning liquid to absorb the cleaning liquid.

6. Do not exert too much force to avoid losing elasticity of fibers and destroying the surface of cleaners.

7. After use, rinse and clean. It is better not to twist the natural dripping water to dry. This method can keep the elasticity of the fibers and the dense pore in the cloth.

The Function of Purple Cleaning Cloth

1. Paint surface treatment: Coatings on metal, wood and other materials, such as medium and primer, are treated to enhance the adhesion between the coatings, thus effectively prolonging the life of the coating.

2. High-quality decorative line treatment: can provide decorative lines on a variety of material surfaces, such as stainless steel surface decorative line treatment, antique copper modification treatment and so on.

3. Deburring, polishing, rust removal, cleaning, can thoroughly remove all kinds of material surface rust spots, dirt, and oxide skin and other attachments. Widely used in weld cleaning, mechanical maintenance and cleaning.

The above is to share with you about the use of cleaning cloth and other knowledge of cleaning cloth. I hope you can have a better understanding of cleaning cloth by watching our sharing, especially the friends who often need to wash kitchen utensils, but also pay more attention to our sharing, because cleaning cloth in the effect is very obvious. Nowadays, sponge cleaning cloth and multi-functional cleaning brush, combined with cleaning liquid, can completely remove stubborn stains, used to clean dishes and dishes, absolutely does not damage the surface of objects, durable, is a new generation of cleaning appliances. At the same time, I hope our sharing can help more friends.

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