万达成立于1993年,走过了一条从小型制造厂,到实现自主研发生产百洁布、海绵百洁布、过滤棉、清洁刷、葱布海绵及其他相关清洁用品的规模制造企业的稳步发展之路。目前, 万达企业占地面积达13500平方米,其中厂房占比90%,拥有自主经营进出口权及知名清洁品牌“康丽来”和“Kanglilai”。成立以来一直以出口为主导,兼顾国内市场,产品远销美国、欧洲、南美、中东、东南亚等全球四十多个国家和地区。

Wanda is one of the largest household and commercial scouring products companies in southern China. Focusing on the production of scouring pad and sponge scourer for decades, Wanda uses professional non-woven technology to develop a range of scouring products and now becomes a manufacture enterprise with R&D, production and marketing.

Founded in 1993, Wanda has been developed from a small factory to a scaled manufacture enterprise with series of products covering scouring pad, sponge scourer, filter pad, cleaning brush, mesh sponge and other related products. Now Wanda covers an area of 13500 square meter of which 90% is workshop, obtains import and export license and possesses famous brand “Kanglilai”. Led by export and supported by domestic market, Wanda has been exporting to over 40 countries and regions including the US, Europe, South America, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

To adapt to the global market change, Wanda has realized modernized production and expanded the width and depth of product structure, by upgrading production line, researching advanced technology and improving environmental level since moving into new site in 2013. With famous electronic business platforms and exhibitions, Wanda sales team has been globally promoting enterprise strengths and product advantages to customers, opening a new strategic landscape of launching diverse products with global market network.

Wanda persists the guide line of quality for reputation and improvement for satisfaction and follows the market-oriented business philosophy. Grasping market trends with insight, fulfilling market demand with technology, accelerating market expansion with sales network, Wanda will always keep making progress with exploration and offering customer more surprise and better experience.

为适应全球市场的变化,自2013年新厂房落成以来,万达通过升级生产线、自主研发新型技术、提高环保水平,实现了生产的现代化,拓展了产品结构的广度与深度。 万达销售团队通过知名电商平台以及大型展会,向全球客户展示了我们的企业实力和产品优势,开创销售网络覆盖全球并向多品类进军的全新战略格局。

万达坚持“品质至上,信誉第一,持续改进,顾客满意”的质量方针,遵循以市场为导向的经营理念。 以洞察力把握市场趋势,以技术创新满足市场需求,以多渠道的销售加速市场拓展,万达今后将继续以探索精神开拓前行,给予客户更多的惊喜以及更好的体验。